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The 5 Big Challenges Business Owners Must Conquer


Plan to succeed as success is not an accident.png

Plan to succeed as success is not an accident - Podcast appearance


Plan to succeed as a successful business requires knowing where things stand and what needs to be done to achieve the goals. Joel Smith explains that rather than looking at accounting as a cost, small business owners need to look at outsourced CFO services as the help that can ensure the business is healthy and cash rich.


10 Reasons to Hire a Fractional CFO.png

10 Reasons to Hire a Fractional CFO


Is your company expanding with big goals on the horizon? If your annual revenue exceeds $500,000, you might be at a place where you can use accounting as a tool. But hiring a full-time CFO may be beyond your reach, especially if you only have a small team. That’s when your best option may be to hire a fractional CFO.

6 Reasons to Rent a CFO.png

6 Reasons to Rent a CFO


Businesses come in a variety of sizes, from startup to millions (and even billions) of dollars in annual revenue. One thing that’s universal across all businesses, though, is their need for financial guidance to be successful. But for a smaller company, bringing on a full-time financial leader just doesn’t make sense. That’s when the choice to rent a CFO is much more advantageous. Companies gain all the knowledge and guidance of a talented CFO without the large investment of adding a C-level employee to the team.


There are several reasons for a CEO to rent a CFO. Read the top six here:

Why Businesses Fail—Is Yours at Risk.png

Why Businesses Fail—Is Yours at Risk?


Why businesses fail can be attributed to many reasons, but the core reason often lies with the entrepreneur. If you are stressed, scared, and approaching your business from a place of scarcity, you will likely become one of the failed statistics.

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